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Escape Rooms Foster -

Leadership Skills - Team Building

Critical Thinking - Problem Resolution

Over the past few years there have been an explosion in

the number escape room games opening all around the

world. We here at Roman Empire Productions have also

sampled many of the different formats. While they are all

unique in their own way, here is why we have created

the games we have created...

The founder, Pete Leonard, is a lover of history. Yes that

icky, yucky subject you all hated - history. We will arrive at

your campus and set up a tent or series of tents

depending on the particular game(s) you choose. Rooms

are designed in the spirit of first generation escape rooms.

This means that clues will unlock physical locks. These

rooms are mechanically driven not technology reliant.

Well that's no fun you might be thinking, how hard can

number and letter locks possibly be?

Up to 8 players at a time will be submerged

into a historical story line. Yes, a story line or task with a

purpose, not just random logic and mathematical

problems like our competition. Some of these rooms may

even contain actual real artifacts from the time period

they are representing to give it that realistic feeling.

Our rooms are cunning and diabolical in nature to force

players to work together to beat the room. Those able to

beat the room feel a sense of achievement and bragging

rights are always a plus, but of course we take it one step


We always recommend that your campus select the prize

package option. Winning teams will be taken over to the

Prize Take-Away table wherethey will encounter a table

filled with random pizza boxes and Chinese food

containers. Those containers contain cash, gift cards or

whatever prizes your campus wishes to award. This is

an incentive that delivers smiles every time. Although the

rooms are set to a low to moderate difficulty level, rooms

can be set to a near impossible level if a large prize is to

be awarded.

Most rooms are in fact very achievable if teams work and

communicate together. At the moderate level, on average

teams that use precise teamwork and communication

usually beat the room in a 5-8 minute time frame, while

others who don't work and communicate together

don't even come close to solving the clues. Games

run in ten minute intervals and in a 4 hour period we can

accommodate between 80-125 students. A two hour

period is needed for set-up depending on location and

one hour for breakdown.

The Mis-Adventures of

Lord Halifax Warburton

It's 1899 and Queen Victoria who is getting on in years is

longing for the days of companionship with her beloved Lord

Halifax Warburton a love not allowed to be. It has been

some forty years since they first gazed at each other at a

ceremony at the Tower of London. Lord Halifax Warburton

has gone on to live a very successful Army career

serving throughout colonial Africa and Egypt. There is but

a single problem, Lord Halifax Warburton has gone missing

and the Queen is beside herself. One of Halifax's oldest

chums, Major Inverness Cramhapton has been called upon to

find his old friend. Warburton and Cramhampton first served

as officers in the famed 24th Foot and after the Zulu wars

ended up in separate directions. Major Cramhampton NEEDS


WARBURTON! Are you mentally prepared? Do you have the

fortitude and mettle to beat the diabolical clues left

behind for you? Can you - will you find Lord

Halifax Warburton? The Queen and the Empire is

counting on you! Those who can will be greatly rewarded.

Available for Corporate Events too!